Safety is important, especially in an industry where large equipment and materials are an essential part of getting the job done.
That’s why it’s a top priority for us to keep everyone safe — your people and our people. Here are a few things we do to ensure that we maintain best practices within our award-winning safety program.


We are committed to a safe working environment that protects our customers, and our most valuable asset — our employees.


We utilize drug screening and background checks, which coupled with industry training and certification, ensure a skilled and safe workforce.


Each member of our field staff is trained according to OSHA standards and required to complete the OSHA 10-hour course for construction.


We participate with professional industry associations to continually reevaluate and enhance our safety program.

We take our job seriously, and that means when we come to your facility or enter a construction site, we keep it safe, and we keep it clean.
For more information about our safety program, contact us.