Renaissance Pointe YMCA

Joanna AbelProjects

Scope Included:
  • Sanitary Waste, Vent & Storm Piping
  • Domestic Water Lines With Insulation
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Gas Distribution, Pool Heater, Boiler Flue & Fresh Air Piping
  • Hydronic & Chilled Water Piping, Insulation & Water Treatment
  • Rooftop Units, Chiller, Boilers, Pumps, AC Condensing Unit, Pool Heat Exchanger, Air Curtains, Hot Water Unit Heaters, Variable Air Volume Boxes, Reheat Coils, Etc.
  • Fans, Ductwork, Misc. HVAC Accessories
  • Direct Digital Controls, Air Balance


Fort Wayne, Indiana


YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne

General Contractor

Fetters Construction

Mechanical Project Value


Scope of Work

HVAC, Plumbing