Hydrotech FAQ

What does Pranger do with Hydrotech?

Pranger is proud to be the U.S. distributor of Hydrotech microscreen filters for the aquaculture industry. Hydrotech has been leading the market in microscreening technologies for over 30 years, providing filters for removing particles from liquid flows — a process critical to the aquaculture industry. Contact Pranger today to receive a quote on a Hydrotech filtration product for your aquaculture system.

What will Pranger help me do?

We will work with you to identify the Hydrotech filtration product or parts that you need, provide a reasonable and timely quote, and work to get your order underway and to the U.S. as soon as possible.

What products do you distribute?

We distribute Hydrotech Drumfilters, Discfilters, and Beltfilters for the aquaculture industry. We also supply the parts and pieces needed to maintain your Hydrotech unit.

Where do you distribute?

We are the Hydrotech distributor for the United States. For a list of Hydrotech partners selling in other locations around the world, visit Hydrotech’s website.

What industries do you sell Hydrotech products for?

We distribute Hydrotech products for the aquaculture industry in the U.S. For a list of Hydrotech partners selling for other industries such as municipal and industrial wastewater, visit Hydrotech’s website.

Where are the products manufactured?

The filters are engineered and manufactured at Hydrotech’s headquarters in Vellinge, Sweden.

What is the lead time on filters?

For filtration equipment the lead time is generally 14-16 weeks. For parts and pieces the lead time may be much shorter. Contact Pranger for a quote and lead time on the specific product that you need.