Sometimes, You Just Need a Helicopter

Joanna JessupMechanical NewsLeave a Comment

If you’ve ever looked at a large HVAC unit on top of a building and wondered how it got there, we have a little insight into that. We specialize in mechanical solutions for commercial and industrial facilities, which means large-scale equipment… which in turn can mean innovative methods to get big components into place. Oftentimes those rooftop units are set by use of a crane. But sometimes, the best way is a little more fun – copter.

That was the case for our work on a new manufacturing facility for 5-Hour Energy in Wabash. We provided the HVAC, plumbing and piping scope for the new building, including these packaged rooftop units and their digital controls.

So, remember: No matter what size project you’re contemplating, we’re ready to help.