A Simple Way to Save Money: Energy Management

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The word “energy” calls to mind many things. But you may not realize that energy could be costing you thousands of dollars a year, especially if you have a commercial or industrial facility. That’s why we want to show you why energy management matters, how you could be losing money, and how you can save a bundle over the long term.

Why does energy management matter?

Energy costs are rising, competition is growing, energy regulations are increasing, and times are tough, so every cent counts. The bottom line is… energy impacts your bottom line.

You could be losing big bucks.

Does your facility use

  • Pumping systems?
  • Compressed air?
  • Process cooling?
  • HVAC?
  • Lighting? (we hope so)

These are very important, but they can be major energy wasters. For example… Are you tracking seasonal use with your HVAC systems? Are your heat exhaust fans running in winter? (They shouldn’t be.) Are you using high-efficiency lighting? With your process cooling, are you using chilled water or a cooling tower? Do you know which one is more efficient?

This barely scratches the surface of high energy consumers that could be costing you a lot of money.

But there are ways to save.

Making your systems more efficient will save you significant amounts of money, make your machines more reliable and long-lasting, cut back on maintenance, and reduce negative environmental impact.

How to start saving

The best way to start saving is to have an energy assessment. An energy assessment for a facility is like an x-ray for a body. It helps determine the appropriate treatment.

Our specialized measuring software can show you how your energy is being used, how much precisely is being wasted, where it is being wasted, how much the energy loss is costing you, how the problem can be fixed, and exactly how much you will save. To help you get started, we provide a free visual inspection, the first step in an assessment.

Energy savings over time will far exceed the cost of implementing energy-saving measures. Also, many local energy companies will offer you savings if you do.

If you’re interested in learning more, let us know. Contact us today for a free inspection.