Pranger Partners With Veolia as U.S. Distributor of Hydrotech Aquaculture Filters

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Pranger Enterprises, Inc. has entered into agreement with Veolia Water Technologies to be the United States distributor of Veolia’s Hydrotech filters for the aquaculture industry.

Pranger Enterprises is an Indiana-based consultant and construction manager specializing in the development of commercial recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) projects in the U.S. Pranger works with project owners and investors to explore the feasibility of their aquaculture or aquaponics project, and to coordinate the project’s site, scope, budget, design and construction.

Pranger has managed the development and construction of several high-tech RAS facilities, including the largest indoor RAS facility in the U.S. and the first commercial RAS salmon farm in the U.S., as well as collaborated on two of the largest commercial aquaponics facilities in the world.

Now, Pranger is offering a new service to the aquaculture industry by partnering with Veolia as the U.S. distributor of Veolia’s Hydrotech Drumfilters, Beltfilters and Discfilters.

Pranger at Hydrotech

Jacob Bartlett & Gabe Pranger of Pranger Enterprises at Hydrotech’s Headquarters in Vellinge, Sweden

“We are pleased to partner with Veolia to bring this product to the U.S. market,” said Gabe Pranger, co-owner of Pranger Enterprises. “We have been working in the aquaculture industry for ten years, collaborating with clients who are running aquaculture systems every day. We’re excited to engage with the aquaculture industry in a new way, providing microscreen filters which are critical to healthy aquaculture, and to partner with Veolia’s Hydrotech, which offers the highest-quality microscreen filters in our industry.”

A creation of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, one of the world’s leading water purification experts, Hydrotech is solely focused on filter development and production, working with universities and institutions to drive technological advancements in the area of water filtration. Hydrotech engineers and manufactures its state-of-the-art filters at its home base in Vellinge, Sweden. Known for their quality and longevity, the filters are available in a wide range, including options for both fresh and salt water systems.

“We are very happy and excited to have Pranger Enterprises, Inc. as our new distributor of Hydrotech filters for the Aquaculture market in the U.S. Their vast experience and knowledge of Aquaculture systems makes them a natural partner for us and we are enthusiastic to continue to improve our success in the growing U.S. market”, said Göran Frohm, Sales Director at Hydrotech.

To receive details and pricing on Hydrotech filters and parts contact Pranger at or 260.587.9309, or visit their website at for more information.