Hydrotech Drumfilter Service Kits

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Hydrotech Drum Filter Model 1600

Hydrotech Drum Filter Model 1600

Pranger Enterprises offers a dedicated service kit for each model of our Hydrotech Drumfilters. Most Drumfilters will function well for 4-6 years after installation with minimal maintenance. The Drumfilters are designed with few moving parts, ensuring a long life and low maintenance costs.

While Hydrotech Drumfilters have a long life span, our service kits will extend the life of your Drumfilters even longer. Keep your Hydrotech Drumfilters running at top efficiency with a service kit from Pranger Enterprises. With any mechanical equipment, annual preventative and routine maintenance is important. And, we also recommend installing a service kit every 4-6 years. These kits are available specifically for each of our Drumfilter models. Rubber seals and support wheels are included. Depending on your model of Drumfilter, service kits can include new chain wheels and locks as well.

Contact Dennis Stiverson (Dennis@prangerent.com) at Pranger Enterprises today for a service kit quote for your drum Drumfilter. Pranger Enterprises is the sole distributor of Hydrotech’s Drumfilters, Beltfilters, and Discfilters for Aquaculture in the United States.