Hydrotech Drumfilter Panels Available from Pranger Enterprises

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Hydrotech Drumfilter panel

Hydrotech Drumfilter panel available from Pranger Enterprises

Hydrotech recently introduced a new patented filter panel, which provides up 20% more capacity from your Hydrotech Drumfilter. The new filter panel is also compatible with older Hydrotech Drumfilters already in operation.

The highest levels of filtration efficiency

Water is filtered through the periphery of the drum and particles are carefully separated from the liquid through the special cell structure of the filter panels. As solids build up on the filter cloth, the automatic system starts rotating the drum and initiates the backwash. Solids are gently rinsed off the filter cloth and collected in the waste trough and discharged. The unique design of Hydrotech’s filter panels prevent fragmentation through careful handling of the solids. This high filtration efficiency is essential in optimizing water quality parameters.

Flexible, modular design

The modular design incorporates five different drum diameters ranging from 0.5 m to 2.0 m with filter areas from 0.35m 2 for the HDF 501 to 22.5 m2 for the HDF2010. In total, there are 20 different standard sizes depending upon your specific requirements. We specialize in providing unique Drumfilter configurations to meet your specific needs.

Variable drive systems

The Hydrotech Drumfilter is available in two drive system versions: direct drive and chain transmission. The direct drive is used on the two smallest drum sizes with 0.5 and 0.8 m drum diameter. For larger units, a chain drive provides optimum performance.

Contact Pranger Enterprises for a quote or more information about Hydrotech Drumfilters. Pranger Enterprises is the sole distributor of Hydrotech’s Drumfilters, Discfilters, and Beltfilters for Aquaculture in the United States.