How to Size Your Hydrotech Drumfilter

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Hydrotech Drumfilter, available from Pranger Enterprises

Hydrotech Drumfilter, available from Pranger Enterprises

Hydrotech Drumfilters are a critical component to any RAS system. Correctly sizing the Drumfilter will ensure effective and efficient removal of TSS (total suspended solids), contributing to the longer life of your Hydrotech Drumfilter, better animal health, and better performance of all other RAS systems.

There are many factors to consider when sizing your Hydrotech Drumfilter, but here are just a few:

  • Water Flow: How much water will you need to get through your Hydrotech Drumfilter? Don’t guess at this one. There are many instruments that will measure your water flow and Pranger Enterprises can help you pick the best one for your system.
  • TSS: Total Suspended Solids, usually measured in mg/L. It is critical to make sure that the size of your Hydrotech Drumfilter can handle the max load of TSS that your system will produce and remove it effectively and efficiently. If you don’t know the amount of TSS in your existing system, Pranger will direct you to the right testing lab to measure the TSS in your system and tell you the best areas to draw water for testing.
  • Water Temperature: Water temperature plays a part in the sizing of your Hydrotech Drumfilter.

With over 8000 filters sold worldwide, Hydrotech has been the market leader for over 30 years and leads the industry in Drumfilter technology and innovation. Let the experts at Pranger Enterprises and Hydrotech help you ensure you get the best, most effective and efficient Drumfilter for your system. Make sure to ask about Hydrotech’s new patented Alfa-Flex screen filter panel, which could give you up to 20% more capacity from your Drumfilter.

Pranger Enterprises is the sole distributor of Hydrotech’s Drumfilters, Beltfilters, and Discfilters for Aquaculture in the United States.